M.o.M Laws - Do's and Dont's

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M.o.M Laws - Do's and Dont's

Post by MasterOfMasters on Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:11 pm

< Do's and Don'ts >

> Seems odd for me to be writing this because everyone should no the old rules of all things that should be followed no matter where we go its like common sense now or second nature for some but just in case here is a refresher.

x > Hey, this is a children's game so if anything over the rating of well E for Everyone...which how does kind of sound funny when you think of it T and M. IF its that kind of rating POST IT on the title so it can at least be locked or cannot be viewed or moved to a certain location.

x > Never disrespect a fellow Player, we are here to have fun and enjoy a wonderful time in the world of our best series. So please leave the outside drama off the computer if you want to speak in private then all means PM.

x > Do not spam us with funny things...no i like funny don't spam with things that well you wouldn't want in your own home. Meme's okay just a bit but only in the OOC area.

x > We have stats for a reason, so do not God-Mod for any reason and if anything be a fair player do the game as well.

x > We all work, we all play, so do not steal someone else's play, meaning do not take credit of someone's work and calm it as you own.

x > No spells or summons that are custom UNLESS stated otherwise in which case hey go all out until someone calls you out to have it revamped.

x > No Custom Keyblades UNLESS stated otherwise in which case hey read above.

If anything else I'll be honest this is not a warning. You get three strikes and on your account you will have a name edit showing what strike you are at so that way we know.
First Strike = Warning
Second Strike = 2 Day Ban
Third Strike = 4 Day Ban
Above = Ban from Site
I think we get the message loud and clear well, read the message bright and clearly understood I guess you could say.


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