A. Site System: LWA - Living While Awake

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A. Site System: LWA - Living While Awake

Post by MasterOfMasters on Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:54 am

< Site System: Living While Awake >

> Now the site uses a simple, Word Count system that helps with everything around the area. To which you can easily grind yourself to higher levels right... well maybe depending on what you choose for the starting points of everything. So below is how you can obtain EXPerience.

x Formula x
1 EXP = 1 Word

> Pretty simple if you ask me, but now it goes how much EXPerience does it take to level up right. Got you covered there EXPerience does not rest it just simply carries over to the next level making it a bit easier to level up but it gets a bit harder later on I promise just be ready for it all.

x Formula x
Level x 100 = EXP needed to level up. (This will vary again based upon what you choose at the start of everything.)

> As you figure that out you can see level 1 = 100 EXP, Level 2 = 200, Level 3 = 300 and etc. Now the best part is remember those cute little stars I told you about, the Lux of course you don't remember you did not read the Book of Prophecies well it may be only four pages that's only because that's all you can see for now. ANYWAY moving on the Lux allow special purchases and this is one of them.

x Formula x
10 Lux = 1000 EXP (Woah, talk about a quick boost in the level up right, well again they are hard to come by as well are required to use for special purchases, spend them wisely...cause they cannot be farmed.

x Reward when Leveling Up! x
> Ah yes, the fun part of leveling up in a game, well you see that's fun and all but you can only choose where your points go as you level up. But here is what you get when you level up.

x Formula x
+1 Level = Choose 1 of 8 things
x MAX HP +3
x MAX MP +1
x MAX AP +2
x STR +2
x END +2
x MAG +2
x Item Slot +1
x Equipment Slot +1


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