B. Attributes on a Character

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B. Attributes on a Character

Post by MasterOfMasters on Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:26 am

< Attributes of a Character >

> Now there are MANY MANY attributes in the world however we will only be focusing on the ones that make sense to us on this lovely universe. To which they are simple and very easy to use.

x Health Points (HP) - This is very important for when it hits zero, you are KO and lost your heart to a heartless giver take, however it can be restored if someone saves you. But some final moments will end the game for you...or will it.

x Heart Power (H.Pwr) - This determines how strong your heart is, the stronger the heart the more power you can obtain.
> Heart Attribute (H.Att) - This determines how strong the heart's alignment is with either Light or Darkness or both for that matter.

x Magic Points & Ability Points (MP & AP) - These points are used as cost for certain things, for example MP is used to perform Spells, Summons and even Abilities. Where AP helps determine how many abilities can be placed onto the character.

x Strength (STR) - This determines the force a player has, but not the force actual power that allows them to crush the ground and push off with.

x Endurance (END) - This determines how much damage on can take onto their body.

x "Element" Resistance (E.Resist) - This helps determine how strong one is against a said element. Mind you the higher the resistance the more damage is reduced by that said element. So carefully plan out your battles.


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