C. Combat & Survival

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C. Combat & Survival

Post by MasterOfMasters on Sun Jul 30, 2017 2:47 am

< Combat & Survival >

> Like the title reads you are going to need to survive rather you like it not, battles are going to come at you rather its friend or foe and fighting them is the best way to survive as well get stronger. Now view battles as training with friend, but also when it comes to that remember stay focus and trust nobody but yourself.

To honor a battle system everyone gets a turn base system with a max of 3 actions to perform anything that wish. Rather its using an item or performing a powerful abilities or spells. To determine if one's action's land or not a 1d20 is rolled.

- Roll: 1 - 5 = Miss (Over there buddy.)
- Roll: 6 - 10 = Miss (Off by this much!)
- Roll: 11 - 15 = Successful Hit (Spot On!)
- Roll: 16 - 20 = Critical Success [DMG x 1.10] (Awesome!)
x. Melee = STR = DMG
x. Ability = STR x (Combo) = DMG
x. Spell = MAG + (Effect) = DMG
x. Guard = END +15% (x1.15) = Block Damaged (Only with Ability used)

x Determining who's first x
Highest Level First - IF draw than one with Highest Stat out of STR, END, and MAG (2 out of 3)

x Winning a Bout x
Upon winning a player takes their Word Count and gain EXP from it.
Word Count = EXP +15% (x1.15)

x Losing a Bout x
Though one lost, one obtain experience for future fights to come.
Word Count = EXP -15% (x0.15) < (Equals loss deducted from total)

Death-Matches x
Shall one fall in battle, its the final strike that determines the ending of a player, restarting allows one to recover Half their EXP and 3 Abilities to be carried over to next character. Death again, resets EXP stored as it does not stack as well as abilities.

> Heartless will have a certain amount of HP based upon world they are in. A rating on the world will greatly determine the heartless's HP and EXP that it will give out as bonus. The area controlled will be in control of a "Boss" heartless defeating them will earn great rewards. Be warned though as Heartless are can be controlled by Player for story wise but "Bosses" and "Special Heartless" are not.
Lowest Rating: +0 | Highest Rating: +10


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