B. Class Guide

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B. Class Guide

Post by MasterOfMasters on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:13 am

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> They may seem important at the time being but they allow one to be able to obtain greater powers and determine a bit of a mix within the universe. However one should be careful to challenge this power as one will be defeated if they get to confident with this power.

+ Warrior (Enforcer) +
+ A powerful being that can use force to protect others around them or bring a powerful destruction to those around them. The choice that one makes in order to keep their power in check is completely up to them.
> Requirement: Accept: Dream Sword | Discard: Dream Wand

+ Advantages & Gains +
[+] Accessories STR Effect Bonus +2
[+] Ability Points +2
[+] Ability Cost -1 (Min: 1)

- Disadvantages & Loss -
[x] Magic -2 Points
[x] Magic Points -2 Points

+ Guardian (Protector) +
+ A powerful being that wishes only to protect anyone from harm with a powerful just they wield the shield of great endurance rather its an item or their body. They will always give their life protecting others before themselves.
> Requirement: Accept: Dream Shield | Discard: Dream Sword

+ Advantages & Gains +
[+] Armor "___" Resistances +10%
[+] Armor DEF Gain bonus +2
[+] Magic +1

- Disadvantages & Loss -
[x] Strength -2 Points
[x] Ability Points -2 Points

+ Mystic (Mage) +
+ A powerful being that focuses on the powers of the mystic arts. Allowing spells to grow stronger and faster than norm. The stronger the mystic becomes the stronger one accepts more power but also welcomes darkness to their heart faster.
> Requirement: Accept: Dream Wand | Discard: Dream Shield

+ Advantages & Gains +
[+] Magic Points +2
[+] Magic Effects Bonus +2
[+] Magic Cost -1 (Min: 1)

- Disadvantages & Loss -
[x] Ability Cost +1
[x] Ability Points -2


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